Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lechlade Rainbow Chasing

With a few days holiday left to take before the end of the year I decided to dust off the fly rod and go chasing some big Rainbows at Lechlade Trout fishery. Conditions were perfect for a change, overcast, mild with just a gentle breeze. This fishery comes into it's own at this time of year, the water is crystal clear, ideal for stalking big Trout.
Despite all that it is still a challenge especially it seems today as the half dozen or so anglers at the venue found.
When I am fly fishing I like to stay mobile, the fish are not spread out evenly around the venue instead seemingly in pockets here and there, find one and there are generally others about. For the first couple of hours I struggled to find any but then I spotted one in a quiet corner and that was the area I concentrated on.
I watched it for a short while and it seemed to have a specific patrol route and a lie that it favoured. I cast several flies towards it but it ignored most of the offerings, bloodworm, stalking bugs, an orange lure got it's attention but it turned away at the last moment. After half an hour of teasing me it started to get annoying. I changed fly again to a small white cactus lure which got it excited but I missed the first take. Finally it took again and this time I connected and we had a spirited battle which I eventually won.
5lb 5oz
The disturbance from that success put paid to any more action in that bay so I moved off up to the deeper section. I overheard another angler telling his mate that he had had a take trundling a fly along the bottom so I put on a pink critter

 and let it sink the depths before slowly retrieving it. The second cast and the lure was dropping through the water when I noticed the end of the fly line 'twitch'. Instinctively I struck and it was fish on. The hooked Trout twisted and turned, set off on runs and generally led me a right song and dance before I finally netted it. Again not a monster but a satisfying capture none the less.
5lb 6oz
That was that for the day as I only had a two fish ticket, at least I was the first angler to fill their card!


  1. Boy Joe, those stock fish are real ugly. No fins or tail sadly. However at least your out and about so well done buddy. If you get up to the Midlands in the summer mail me and I will take you to Rutland a show you what a grown on rainbow looks like!!

    Best Wishes.

    1. I will definitely take you up on that Richard, sounds great, let me know a suitable date and we can get something in the diary.
      Thanks Joe