Thursday, 11 July 2013

Static bait proving me wrong

My goal for a short evening session was to prove that a static bait catches less fish but they are generally bigger specimens. Couple of problems with that. I hadn't banked on being plagued by Eels nibbling away at the luncheon meat hookbait giving me taps and knocks on the rod tips and occasionally hookable bites. I landed one and had the hook pull from another. The one I landed was a great battler and fought loads above it's weight of 1lb 8oz. It was pretty well behaved on the bank too.
The other issue I had was that I hooked and landed two Barbel but they were both small ones so my theory was proved incorrect, on this occasion.The biggest weighed in at 4lb 8oz.

I came to the conclusion that because the swim I fished was fairly fast water and the bigger fish must be down in the slower stretches. Only dilemma now is trotted or static bait, will have to try both.

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