Friday, 21 June 2013

Trotting for Barbel on the Avon

Just couldn't get to sleep last night, I must have been excited about my first river session of the new season. Surprisingly I didn't feel that tired when the alarm went off at 4am but I am certainly feeling it now. Choosing where to fish was not difficult, I headed straight for my favourite fast water swim to trot some luncheon meat down under the willows for the many Barbel that live there.
It took a little while to get into the swing of fishing in running water again and I lost the first fish probably because I was rusty but after about an hour I had a fish on the bank and it wasn't a bad start weighing 8lb 14oz. 

I helped her recover in the fast water (whilst messing about with the under water camera).
Having got that first fish under my belt a steady succession followed all falling for my moving meat approach.
7lb 11oz
Unweighed Chub about 3lb

7lb 4oz


4lb 14oz Pug-nosed Chub

6lb 1oz
At midday I called it a day finishing the session with seven Barbel and three Chub- not a bad mornings work!



    Barbel whisperer E.S.Q

    No more need be said ......

    Do you have names for them Joe hahahaha.

    Great skills mate cant fault that .....watercarft wins ....

    Bazal Peck

  2. Hí Joe.
    Excellent Barbel, congratulations.
    Did you catch it to fly fishing?
    We were fly fishing Barbel at the last weekend, but they didn´t like yours.

    1. Hi David, I am planning to have a go on the fly for them, will post how I get on but think it will probably be tough.

  3. I love he amount of respect you have for the fish. Here in the states fish like that are often laid in the grass and gravel and might not even make it back in the water. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We don't have the numbers of fish that you do on this crowded little island so catch and release is imperative.

    2. I still think we could use a little more catch and release ourselves.

  4. Hi Joe
    Nice session, some great looking photos as well, I do look forward to your posts.


  5. Thought you would be there Friday. Well done.

    1. Cheers Mart, how's it going?

    2. Doing good mate. Went to our swim yesterday, 5 barbel & 2 chub.
      Biggest 9.9, 2x8's plus small ones.
      One of the smaller ones had a big open wound from a pike. Guess he was lucky. How's the tench fishing ? Still waiting for a phone call.

    3. Got to stay local now with an imminent new arriving addition to the family, we will have to do it next year but let me know if you want to get together barbelling

    4. You getting a dog then ?

    5. To use a well known phrase from the Trotter brothers.
      "Rodney, it's a baby" When is your good lady due ? and I bet she hopes it's not a double.

  6. Three weeks time, I hope so too!!