Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pastures new

The conditions were spot on Friday, the sun came out, the river levels had dropped back and there was a tinge of colour to the water. There could be no excuses.
This week I had decided to try a new (to me) stretch of the Warwickshire Avon, Wasperton's Manor Farm or 'Man A F' as the sign states. I know this stretch is familiar to a lot of bloggers who have trod it's banks many times and now I know why. It is a beautiful section of river and it looks fishy, really fishy!
Today I was chasing Chub (again!) and there are so many overhanging trees, a favourite haunt of Chub that I didn't know which one to cast towards first. I started off upstream of the car park.
I set up well away from the water, simple running rig, cheese paste as bait and having cast out I opened the flask and was just pouring a brew when the tip flew round. Inevitably I missed it. Why do fish bite at the most awkward moment, sod's law I guess. That turned out to be it for that peg and an hour later I ventured downstream to the next likely looking spot.
Within ten minutes the tip gave a small indication, I hovered ready for a strike and then it wrapped round again. This time I connected and played out a spirited battle before netting a chunky Chub. Putting Chub straight back is a sure fire way of killing the swim as they seem to spook all the others in the vicinity so they are one of the few species that I will put in a keepnet.
I carried on in this swim despite a lack of further action as I felt confident of catching more and eventually I did. The next fish hooked shot off downstream and my main line became tangled around a nearside bush. I managed to carefully pull the fish back to netting distance and fortunately landed another chunky specimen. I was not as lucky with the terminal tackle though, it had become way too tangled and I lost the lot.
 I set up again and fished on for a bit but the commotion of the previous fish had put paid to any further sport.
A pretty pleasing day, it is always nice to catch especially on a first visit to a new stretch.
3lb 8oz and 3lb 12oz


  1. Nice brace shot, Joe. Always looks great with chub. tricky self-take fresh out of the keepnet though!

  2. Thanks Jeff, you are right about tricky, got the shot on the third attempt. They always flap right on the take! worth the effort though.