Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Review/2013 Targets

Another year has passed, time to reflect on the previous 12 months and make plans and set targets for the year ahead.
In 2012 I landed 23 different species, nine personal bests, five of which were new species so a productive angling year despite some pretty terrible weather. One highlight for me has been really getting to grips with the fly rod. This branch of our sport is beginning to feature more and more in my plans, fighting big Trout and Carp on light tackle and I can foresee me concentrating more time and effort on this in 2013 as well as targeting other species and new venues with a fly. Wild Trout and Grayling in natural habitats is a must do.
Fishing foreign climes in 2012 was excellent, catfish to 152lb and Tarpon to 125lb both amazing experiences. I am desperate to add further foreign species to my list, nothing booked yet but working on it.
I missed out on a few targets for 2012 namely a double figure Tench and a Twenty pound Pike but I will try to rectify those again in 2013 plus I fancy a shark trip or two again.

2012 in Review
A tough start to the year, just one Pike landed before a slipped disc scuppered any further fishing trips

was all about Chub, several landed but no monsters

went well as I thrashed my previous best Trout and upped my Rudd pb by a couple of ounces

A cat fishing trip to the Ebro landing over 500lb of oversized tadpole topped by a new best of 152lb

The start of my Tench campaign with fish landed to 7lb 14oz

And a bonus Bream of 10lb 9oz

Managed three trips during a family holiday to Florida landing Tarpon to 125lb plus Barracuda, Snapper, Sea Trout and Jack Trevally

Also got back on the Tench trail taking fish to 9lb 8oz

and bonus carp to 16lb

The fly rod came out and I landed Trout to 7lb and my first ever Carp on the fly

The weather warmed up and I caught Barbel

 and Rudd

The Barbel campaign got into full swing with the highlight being a brace of eleven pounders in consecutive casts

September and October
Spent targeting Silver Bream to a new best of 1lb 2oz and Grayling to 1lb 14oz

November and December
has been spent dodging the floods, targeting Chub

 and in the final session a first ever double figure Trout.
Happy New Year all and tight lines 2013


  1. Some cracking pics Joe, and a lot of them look like self-takes?

  2. Thanks Russell, all self takes except the Tarpon, Catfish and the Bream.

  3. That's a cracking years fishing Joe, the Tarpon wins it for me I'd love one of those

    1. Thanks Rob, my favourite too, unbelievable fish, amazing fight!

  4. Happy new year 2013
    Great words and photos

    1. Happy new year to you David and thank you