Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pb Silver Bream from Willow Farm

The sun bursts through to melt away the mist on a perfect autumnal morning. The overnight temperature was a little on the low side and that slowed sport for the first few hours until the rays had raised the mercury by a couple of notches, only then did bites start to materialise.
A fortnight ago I had fished Willow farm for Perch but failed miserably however I did stumble across some Silver Bream of the sort of size to make them interesting and today I targeted them properly.
My initial bait was pellet but I changed to worm when that failed. Bites were hard to come by but there were a few indications and I kept feeding chopped worm and maggot into the swim in the hope that things would speed up. In the meantime a Kingfisher kept me amused as it went about getting it's breakfast. It was putting me to shame.
At one point it landed on a branch so close I could have almost reached it but it flew away just before I could press the shutter on the camera-next time!
By lunchtime I started to get amongst the fish facilitated by a another bait change, this time to maggot. Roach, Perch and a few small Silver Bream were caught. I then had a bite on the drop followed by a large swirl and I hooked into a Silver Bream that made me nervous. Early on in the fight I could see that it was a pb and I repeated to myself 'stay on', 'stay on'. Thankfully it did and I slid the net under a 1lb 2oz fish.
I fished on despite my mission being completed, landed a few more tiddlers. The difficult morning forgotten with just one fish, funny how that happens!


  1. Well done on the pb Silver Bream Joe,that sunrise shot over the lake is absolutely wonderful as well.

  2. Hey, hey, hey! New PB silver. Joe, you deserve it, having tried so long to beat the pound mark. A lovely specimen too.