Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chasing Ladies

The stunning River Irfon
A day full of minor disasters that ultimately finished a success.
The alarm went off at 4.30am and for once I did not hit snooze, I was dressed and the kettle was on quick smart. A fishing trip always excites me but this one was more eagerly anticipated than most. The  river Irfon in deepest darkest Wales is a beautiful waterway crammed full of wild Trout and hard fighting Grayling and I love it.
Cue the first disaster, a pea souper outside. Not enough to stop me going but it would make the two hour trip last closer to three. Disaster number two, my sat nav gives up the ghost halfway there. Luckily I was past the complicated bit and pretty much knew the rest of the way but the return journey would be interesting! I arrived at the spot just after 8.00am-not bad considering.
Like an aquarium
The river looked in great condition, maybe just a little bit too clear! The fish must be somewhere so I dropped into a likely looking run where I couldn't see the river bed, hoping that fish were there. If not I had three pints of maggots that would draw them into the swim anyhow.

I set up a two swan loafer to 2lb line and a size 18 hook and cast out. Disaster number three, the float got halfway down the glide and stopped, I didn't have enough line on the reel. Luckily there was some 3lb Maxima in the bag so I respooled up the reel, set up again and cast out. Perfect, first run through and fish on, a Grayling weighing 1lb 6oz.

I then realised I had missed out the butt ring with my line so had to set up yet again. Tangles and lost hooks also followed, today was one of those days when you perform poorly, but thankfully I also caught fish, losing count of the number of Brown Trout landed (all carefully looked after because they are out of season) and six Grayling (four over a pound to 1lb 14oz.

Also carefully released.

I took several wrong turns on the way home but it was all worth it!


  1. What lovely pictures Joe.

    I hit that fog too on Sunday morning, a bit of a nightmare but thankfully it cleared half way through my journey

  2. That's me in disguise by the way!

  3. send me the details joe... day ticket?

  4. Very nice fish and post thanks. I bet they would take a dry fly in that clear water, and insects about on the day?