Friday, 5 October 2012

Dace day

It's nice to set off fishing knowing that there is very little chance of a blank, which is exactly how I felt this morning as I trudged across the soaked fields heading for Barton weir. Heavy overnight rain meant the river would be rising but I knew it would be a few hours before it started to affect the fishing conditions. The lower than recent temperatures would not matter either as I was chasing Dace, a fish that will feed in all but the very extreme temperatures.
My tactics were simple....
four pints of maggots.....
one rod, a John Wilson travel avon, easy to transport and light......
and a simple running rigged black cap feeder with a float stop to create a self hooking/bolt effect. Barbless hooks because they are easier to extract from small delicate mouths leaving no damage.
I caught a Dace first cast into the fast water and a steady succession followed mixed in with a couple of Perch, Roach and a big Gudgeon.
I gave up at 2pm, the bites had slowed up, the river had risen three inches, I was freezing cold(must dig out the long johns) and I had just lost my third feeder to an unseen snag.
An enjoyable day chasing a stunning diminutive fish that are very obliging.

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