Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another pb-but only just!

This evening I had a short two hour session at Willow Farm on the outskirts of Evesham and managed my fourth personal best in six weeks. Not bad going considering I have not fished for over a fortnight. It was a case of only just though as the blog title says, a meagre two ounces over my previous best, well they all count.
I finished the session with a nice mixed bag.
The Bronze Bream weighed 3lb 6oz, the Tench was 3lb 8oz and the PB Silver Bream went 12oz.
I know there are bigger still in this puddle and I am determined to land them. Tonight's successful bait was pellet and I feel that pellet is the key to getting amongst the bigger specimens. We shall see.


  1. They love a dendrobena Joe. I sat it out on an 8mm banded pellet for a while and caught bigger fish but it wasn't as much fun as fishing a worm and catching all-comers.

  2. I agree, the biggest I had from a pond was on a whole lob intended for perch, the majority on the maggot rod were 2-3oz, but the worm rod caught all the biggest ones, mind you, the best was still only 7 ounces!

  3. Don't you boys sleep?! I agree the worm is the best for all species but the puddle is full of stunted Roach which can be a pest, I think my best chance of a decent silver (above a pound) is the pellet, it seems more selective. Will be trying again next week.

  4. There'a a whole new movement afoot! A sort of silver bream dream team thingy

    Not sure about pellets as when I last fished they were things you fired from air rifles (now there's an idea!)...willing to learn though

  5. Good Luck Joe, ive never even seen a silver bream let alone caught one. I did manage a battered old bronze bream earlier this week though.