Monday, 29 October 2012

Chub and Rats

Saturday was a difficult session due to rapidly falling overnight temperatures, a clear sunny sky and a brisk wind blowing plenty of leaves and debris into the water. I decided to start the session after predators and chose one of my favourite Avon weir pools to search for Pike (and Zander-bit naive considering how bright it was!). I tried hard, changed baits and spots several times but could not muster a bite. When I go fishing I like to have a back up plan because I detest blanking and this week that entailed mashed bread and the feeder.
Roach, Chub, Dace, whatever, I wasn't bothered and after feeding a lovely run just downstream I started to get my first indications of fish in the swim. Finally, well into the afternoon I had a strikeable bite and played a Chub of about 3 and a bit pounds to the net. The Chub was not the only thing attracted to the bread though, a pair of Rats kept popping their heads out and rushing off when I startled them. This happened for about half an hour until one ran right over my foot! That was enough for me, I don't mind them if they keep their distance but when they get that brave I'm not keen. I packed up and headed for home.
Not the most exciting of sessions but felt I should post it in the interest of balance, not all the days can be fish filled.


  1. Rats, they are indeed unpleasant and the Avon's bankside nettles seem to be crawling with them. Thanks for taking the time to come over to my blog, not sure the wife has been overly impressed with the amount of time I've been spending learning HTML code :)

    Cheers, Lee (

  2. Any chance you could add me to your blog list so I can increase my traffic? Thanks again, Lee

    1. You are added Lee so next time you post should appear on the side of mine

  3. What an awesome looking weir, care to tell where it is?