Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Trotting and Fly-fishing mixture

Size 8 barbless hook to 8lb hook link, swivel, loafer and 10lb mainline-works for me
I just couldn't make my mind up what to fish for this weekend or where to go so I decided to have a couple of mini sessions, the morning chasing Barbel on the river and the afternoon fly fishing for Carp.
I have really enjoyed trotting for Barbel with luncheon meat and been pretty successful doing it so when on my first run through I struck into a fish I thought that it was going to be a bumper session. The fish was no monster so I did a quick self take, didn't bother checking it and put the fish straight back, thinking there was bigger to follow.
Not weighed
A blurred photo was the result and captor not looking at the camera, poor effort!
I fished on for about an hour with no bites so decided on a roam. The second swim I tried has a large overhanging tree which when trotting is no problem apart from on the retrieve when it seems to grab hold of the tackle whilst reeling in. The solution is to wade out which I did, nothing took the bait but I did get a fright when I looked down to see a Pike eyeing me up from about three feet away. It watched me for a good ten minutes before it decided that I was too big to eat and sloped off to find a smaller snack.
The river is very low and clear at present and the fish that I spotted along the stretch seemed very spooky and skittish. That's my excuse for not catching more. It is amazing the lack of water considering the summer? we have had.
In the afternoon came the change of tactics and although the temperature was not high and there was little sun I got the fly rod and dog biscuits out down at Stubb's pool. It took ages to get anything interested but eventually a few Carp started sipping freebies off the surface. I waited so long for a take when it eventually came my reactions were miles away and I missed it. It turned out to be the only take of the day.
Eight hours fishing and the only capture was first cast. I have been playing with the camera quite a lot lately, trying different settings and stuff and I took this photo of a swan which I am quite proud of.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Joe
    Every time I catch a fish on the first cast my Dad will say "right, thats that then, you buggered the day right up, might as well go home now!!" And often it turns out to be the only fish of the day! Nice pic of the swan.

  2. Lovely shot of the swan Joe.



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