Sunday, 16 September 2012

Silver Change

This morning I set off with big Perch in mind. I took loads of bait: maggots, dendroboena, lobworms and prawns. My tactics were Prawn on the float rod and a sleeper rod with lobworm on a low resistance rig. I baited continuously throughout the day to attract small fry to the areas and the big Perch would follow them and fancy a seafood appetiser or wriggly treat. All good in theory but the Perch didn't follow the script.
The sun came out and made it warm and bright, not classic Perch conditions so I moved to the shaded area behind the island. It sort of worked in that I found fish that were willing to feed just not the target species. I finished the afternoon with several Roach, Tench, baby Perch and Silver Bream up to a pb equalling 12oz.

I did not know they were in this particular pond but I would guess they could grow to a decent size in here, well at least to over a pound! On my return I think they will be the target.


  1. Lovely looking silvers Joe, and it looks like the kind of pond that bound to throw up a few big ones too, because they're a pretty good stamp, aren't they?

    1. Certainly are Jeff, I wouldn't be suprised if there are some monsters in there, relatively speaking obviously!