Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pike in the 'Sham

Having spent last night in a cracking pub in Coventry(yes I didn't think there was one either!) with a gang of fellow bloggers talking fishing until late I did not get to the river until nearly lunchtime. It didn't matter, I wanted to fish dusk more than dawn anyway. 
I have been watching the river level on the Wye all week and it has been very up and down, in fact more up than down so I stayed local and fished the deep water in Evesham town centre. Contrastingly the level of the Avon has not changed for months. The stretch I chose is about 14 feet deep and has a reputation for occasionally throwing up 20lb Pike so I gave it a go.
A beautiful winters day, blazing sun and no wind made it very pleasant loafing around but a few more fish would have capped it off nicely. In the end I avoided a blank by landing this 8lb 14oz Pike on a Mackerel tail. It put up a really good fight for it's size.


  1. Haha well done Joe, Thats a great result and i must say it does look heavyer, I havent fished this water for over 40 years and i remember being very impressed at the depth of water more than the size of the fish, Had some great days and some really good fish,
    Well done Joe thats a top result,

  2. Hi Joe, found your blog and followed. JGR