Monday, 2 January 2012

Wye, we'll be back.

The first session of the new year was spent on the Wye just below Ross (on Wye) attempting to catch a twenty pound Pike. This river never ceases to amaze me in terms of it's beauty and the stretch we fished today was no exception. It looks great even in winter and we know there are thirty pounders in there.
Cockney Steve and I set off with high hopes this morning but on seeing the river our confidence waned somewhat. Five foot up, chocolate brown in coloration and bombing along at breakneck speed. Also it continued to rise another couple of feet while we were there. Far from ideal conditions but we gave it a go. I should have checked the Environment Agency website for river levels before booking.
I found the slackest water I could and slid my way down a treacherous bank to drop a couple of  Mackerel tails a rod length out. This swim was not built for comfort and I had to stand up permanently to stop sliding in. However it paid off, after about an hour I struck into a Pike and played it to the surface. It took one look at me, thought sod this, shook it's head and threw the hooks out. It was only a Jack so I was not too bothered and I recast with renewed confidence.
As is often the case with fishing it was a small window of opportunity and nothing else materialised from that swim. We roved the river looking for other likely spots and finally settled in a backwater that looked very promising. Apart from some teeth marks in one of my Mackerel nothing much occurred. 
Cockney Steve did not have a touch all day so although it wasn't the result we were hoping for, hooking a Pike in the conditions was a good result(of sorts). We will study the weather more carefully for next time. We will be back.

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  1. Tough luck mate, I get caught out sometimes even when I do check the EA levels, i think wishful thinking sometimes blanks out what i'm seeing! Doesn't look too bad colour wise though does it, and stunning surroundings