Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pike, Warks Avon

I set off for my weekly fishing trip with high hopes and expectations. Pike were the target and the location was my banker swim for predators. A peaceful backwater that is full of fry and predator fodder. When I arrived just after 7.00am the signs were good. Every minute or so there would be a spray of small fish leaping from the water to try and escape the Pike as they rushed the shoals. This is going to be like 'shooting fish in a barrel' I thought to myself. I put a Roach dead bait and half a Mackerel in the two most likely looking spots. Confidence was high.
My confidence started to wane more and more with each minute that passed. I could not believe the buzzers remained silent. I changed tactics to float fishing, I changed baits around and I swapped swims, still nothing.
All the way through until just after 2.00pm and finally the left buzzer indicated a bite. I struck but felt nothing, never mind at least they are feeding again. A couple of minutes later the other buzzer lifted slowly but surely as the Pike made off with my Roach, again the strike hit thin air. A fresh Roach went back to the spot, the buzzer will go again I said.
Sadly my chance had gone. There were no more indications of fish until dusk fell and yet again I went home a blanker. At least I had had bites this time. Next time a fish!
Come on, make some noise!

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