Sunday, 2 November 2014

Max Enjoyment

Last week my eldest daughter joined me, this week it was Max's turn. All week he was as keen as mustard, "how many more sleeps 'til we go fishing Daddy?". He had no idea how happy his constant questioning made me.
Now Max is only four years old and with that in mind I knew consistent action would be required to keep him interested so whilst I put a rod out for Pike I set him up with a maggot feeder in a swim that would hopefully produce lots of bites. There is nothing certain in fishing but thankfully the fish played ball(and the weather was lovely)!

Max certainly looked the part! 

Patience my boy patience!

Casting was my domain but he insisted on reeling in even though he was not strong enough to hold the rod but by leaving it on the rest he could manage to bring in everything he hooked. I thought it wise to keep the anti-reverse engaged to avoid tangles and it worked, not one birds nest all day!

We managed to fish for about four hours and ended the day with a pretty decent haul consisting of Roach, Chub, big Dace and a decent Perch. As you can tell from the picture he was pretty pleased with himself.

The Pike rod remained dormant for the duration so I suppose I blanked but it was the most enjoyable blank I have had in a long time!

Too much fresh air?


  1. What a great way to start out fishing; a nice mixed catch from a river. A perch like that would've made my year at that age I reckon!

  2. Great stuff Joe, a proper Crabtree moment that will be with you forever without doubt...what have you started?!

    1. Hopefully the start of a hobby that he will enjoy as much as I do for a long time to come!

  3. That brings back fond memories. Some lovely photos there Joe. The future looks bright!

  4. Well done, I have all this to look forward to.

  5. Thanks Sean, bet you can't wait Lee!