Thursday, 13 October 2011

Piscatorial Indulgence Week, Wednesday and Thursday.

Took a break from fishing yesterday but I did introduce my 20 month old little boy to the wonders of the local fishing shop. He did not seem that impressed until I ordered a load of maggots. They are probably pretty fascinating to someone so small, he made lots of noise at them anyway.
Today I headed down to Hardwick lake, part of the Linear complex in search of one of their big Bream. I made up a typical Bream ground bait with Halibut pellet, sweetcorn and chopped worm and balled in a nice carpet to hopefully grab their attention. As hook bait I tried plain old worm on one and a worm sweetcorn cocktail on the other. I felt quietly confident as I have landed them to 10lb 10oz in the past from the very swim I found myself in and those were accidental captures when targeting Tench. How could I fail when I was actually trying for them?
Yes, you guessed it, I failed. I had fish in the swim, they rolled every now and again but the alarms remained silent.
However I did manage to avoid the blank. Early after lunch I had a tentative bite and hooked into a fish that did not put up much of a scrap. That led me to believe it was the target species but then as it came close I could see it was old Tinca. I was disappointed and relieved at the same time, not a Bream but at least it saved an otherwise blank day. I packed up late afternoon to go back to the drawing board.

5lb 3oz
A short morning session due to family commitments, I was looking after the kids while 'er indoors went shopping for clothes and to have an afternoon to herself. I couldn't say no as I will be fishing hard over the next three days. Therefore I decided to stay local and popped down to Willow Farm fishery with some worms in an effort to nail a decent Silver Bream.
Same as yesterday I struggled to get hittable bites in a frustrating couple of hours. Yet again a Tench came to my rescue and saved me from a blank.
A frustrating few days fishing but it could all come good tomorrow, I hope so!

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  1. Its amazing the colour difference in the Tench,
    I Like the fact that your 20 month old can talk to the maggots, Could of wispered in in the ear to say Bream Bream Bream,
    Well its worth a try haha,
    All the best Joe,