Thursday, 14 July 2011

Joe 1 Steve -3, Warks Avon

We popped down to the Avon last night for a short session. I had the intention of catching a Zander and Cockney Steve fancied a Barbel. The river is still low and clear so I opted for a slightly deeper section with plenty of tree cover. I was using small Roach deadbaits ledgering one under the far Willow and the other on the nearside drop off. 
The first disaster of Steve's evening was when he realised he had left his pellets at home so he also set up for a predator.
The second disaster was the BAA bailiff coming along to check tickets and he had left his at home. He was politely asked to refrain from fishing. 
These things always come in threes and his hat-trick was knocking his nearly full can of beer all over his chair. He then came and watched me fish for a while. Just as the light was fading I had a bite from the far willow and after a cracking battle through the weed landed this lovely Pike. They fight really well in the summer and I was careful to make sure she was all right and fully recovered.
She swam off strongly and soon after we retired to the ale house. 


  1. Nice fish Joe, shame about the beer!, I once dropped my full kit bag off a pier, I was left holding a rod, I`m still upset and it was five years ago.*not laughing*

  2. Well in Joe, She's a good Fish, Nice to know you let her recover before release, As for you mate Steve, Well we have days like this and they just remind us when things go wrong they do it in threes like you said,
    Thanks for Joining my Blog Joe, I have returned the favour, I will put a link on my blog to your blog so my friends and followers can also look in on you,
    All the best to you and yours,