Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Silver Bream, Willow Farm

I took advantage of the longest day of the year to do an evening session and went back to Willow Farm to try for a larger Silver Bream. I managed it but only by a meagre ounce and I know there are bigger in there. They are not the only species in this pool though and I caught examples of them all tonight. 
I started the session using up the remaining maggots from opening day. This was a mistake. I took two Carp, several Roach, two Gudgeon and three Tench including one of about 5lb which put up a great scrap on light float rod tackle. I also had a brace of Goldfish!
When I ran out of maggots I changed to worm and then I started catching the Silvers. The largest going half a pound. I still caught a couple of Perch and another decent Tench but it was mostly the target species. 
A thoroughly enjoyable session watching the float until I could no longer see it.

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