Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crucian Pb, Marsh Farm

This weekend I made the long arduous journey down to Surrey thinking I would nail a three, possibly four pound Crucian and be home in time for tea. Fish never read the script, do they? It turned out to be a  difficult day but I did manage one example of the species, a 1lb 7oz stunner that took a Strawberry pellet about mid morning. As I have never weighed a Crucian before it was more a case of setting a best rather than beating a previous one. I have only landed two previously and this example was definitely the biggest.
I tried every bait and everything possible to land more but they were playing hardball. However I did manage to land a small Tench, a few Rudd and several Roach, up to a pound, so there was action during the day. I missed quite a lot of bites too.
I fished with what I thought was sensitive float gear but looking back it may have been a little heavy for these shy biters, next time I can make it a lot more Crucian friendly.


  1. It's not so easy that place is it? Very moody indeed.

  2. No, not as easy as I had hoped but still would like to give it another bash, feel confident I could crack it second time around.