Monday, 20 September 2010

Grayling, Teme

A couple of days spent chasing the Lady of the stream on the stunning river Teme. This fish filled river is almost as beautiful as the Wye and the over grown banks and steep slopes can be a real challenge but the results are almost guaranteed. The wife and kids were away for a week so full sessions were possible and I took advantage. 
Only one slight issue at this time of the year and that is Minnows, there are millions of them so peg choice is restricted to the faster water where they avoid. Trotting a loafer using light gear was an absolute joy and traveling light and peg hopping made it all the more pleasurable. I think I had somewhere between 30 and 40 Grayling to 1lb 2oz, three Dace and whenever I changed to worm the Trout came along to a pound.
Her ladyship put up commendable scraps both in the water and especially on the bank so I only took photos of the biggest and as you can see she led me a right song and dance. They never give up until they are back in the water and then they go all quiet and have to be nursed back to fitness. Typical women!
Hold still ya bugger!

Thats better.


  1. A whole week to yourself? Heaven! Just enough time to enjoy yourself before you start missing them too much.

    Nice work with the grayling, I don't know much about the Teme and didn't know it held them.

    Trotting a float is a lovely way to fish too.


  2. Lovely result. Now I've re-joined the BAA I hope to get across to the Teme soon. Not fished it for about 20 years!

  3. Thanks guys, the Teme is full of them all to just over a pound, great sport. Get over there and I will look forward to reading about the result.