Friday, 24 September 2010

Perch, Willow Farm

This swim is the most 'Perchy' looking swim I know and despite fishing 10 hours(wife and kids still away!) the only one I nearly caught would have weighed about two ounces but the hook pulled. Chopped lobworms and red maggots were fed all day to attract the small Roach to the in turn attract the large Perch but it was not to be. The weather was bright and sunny which did not help and I did miss several bites on the lobworm hookbait but put these down to small fish playing with it.
However I did avoid the blank by catching a Roach, a Rudd and a brace of Carp. All obviously 'nuisance' fish but the biggest Carp weighed 13lb 2oz and was a real hit and hold effort on 4lb line so was very pleased to land it.
It decided to behave like a Grayling too.

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