Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Marlcliff Moron


There are far too many idiots in this world and sadly fishing has it's fair share. I didn't believe it when Andy told me that someone had driven past the weir at Marlcliff and down to the first peg on the lower meadow but today I saw the evidence with my own eyes. For anyone that doesn't know this stretch of the river there is a car park about two hundred yards upstream for BAA members. There is a lower unofficial car park down by the weir that is not supposed to be used as it is owned by British Waterways but some do. This guy(presuming no woman is this stupid) has driven through that car park across the grass, round the lock arms up a path that is slippy as anything even in summer, around the bend and turned right down to the peg. How he has not ended up in the river I do not know as this is a slippy peg! His car has been there for over a week and I can't see it being shifted for some time to come. 'What an idiot!!'.

Anyway I didn't just go down there to see the car (although a bit of me did!). I had a go at some fishing too. Torrential rain in bursts, gale force winds from storm Barney and a lack of action meant I didn't stay long. For once I think the dog was fed up before me. 


  1. I've fished that peg in the past. FWD on a muddy slope, that will need to be dragged out. Madness, I initially thought might have been nicked, but there are some stupid people about. Similar idiots in the past at Wasperton

  2. That's an astonishing act of stupid bravura! That path is hard enough to negotiate on foot in the rain but by car it's bordering on suicidal... Great driving skills without 4 wheels driving!!! However the water's shallow there so death by drowning not likely unless in flood. When it would have been certain given the terminal position!

  3. It needs removing before it gets in the river and pollutes it with fuel and oil and antifreeze...


    1. You do wonder why they haven't shifted it by now .. I assume that's police aware tape around it ?

    2. It is Mick, I heard that the only way to shift it is to go via the farmers land and he is not allowing access, but that's just a rumour