Monday, 8 September 2014

Fiddling with my Flies

I set my Barbel rods up prior to checking the following days forecast and when I saw that beautiful sunshine was on the cards I made the decision to leave them at home. The Warwickshire Avon has been running low and clear for ages now and the Barbel would definitely not oblige in these bright conditions. Instead the fly rods were chucked in the van as I fancied trying something different this weekend.

My expectations were low but I did manage to get quite a few fish to rise to my small home made spider patterns. Roach, Chub, Dace and Bleak all showed interest but the bites were absolutely lightning quick and made for a frustrating yet enjoyable few hours fishing.

No monsters were landed but it was more about fun and trying something different than specimen fish, a pleasant change from sitting behind static rods for hours on end. Also it was a brilliant way to explore miles of river and check out some new swims with potential for Winter Chub and Pike fishing and I found some mouth watering prospects for when the weather changes.
The river is still alive with nature so the camera got plenty of use too.


  1. Roving a river with a fly rod is very expansive. You learn about the river, it's flora and a fauna, and the insect life the fish and birds feed upon.

    I love to discover a river in this simple way Joe.

  2. Lovely pictures Joe.

    We are now seeing a lot more interest in fly fishing our stretch of the Soar which is great. I was watching a chap standing mid river catching dace last week and it looked very appealing I must admit

  3. Excellent pictures as always, Joe! Are you that one who took the pictures? What do you think is the best lens to use on fishing trips? I do not want to lug around with lots of lenses and I couldn't decide about what to bring. Thanks!