Saturday, 30 June 2012

Trout, Lechlade

7lb 0oz
Had an urge to test my new fly rod against some battling Rainbows so headed down to Lechlade fishery. It was lunchtime by the time I got down there due to over indulging the night before at a sportsman's dinner. I still felt rubbish, my head pounded and I had a rotten taste in my mouth but figured the fresh air would do me some good. Also the smells from behind me would dissipate quicker.
The fishing was hard, I placed every fly in the box in front of those stubborn Trout but they were playing hardball. The rod cast beautifully so that was pleasing.
Eventually I managed to get a take on a red lure type fly. The fish spat it out so I put it straight back on it's nose and it went for it again. Stupid fish should have realised it was trouble when it tasted metal only seconds before. This time I managed to hook it and it gave me a pretty non-descript fight before I netted it. 7lb on the nose.
With renewed vigour I moved to the next swim and second chuck I nailed her little brother. The fight was much better but the rod handled it easily and I reached my two fish limit with a 5lb 8oz Trout.
Next target is to get a Carp on the fly and really test it out properly.


  1. i know of a place where this is possible! its good fun Joe....then pike!!

  2. Joe, beware of those sportsmans dinners, you'll find that it is quite often the case that after you get home someone will break in, throw all your clothes round the room, take all the money from your wallet, probably leave the telly on, and then to cap it all piss in your mouth.

  3. Pike will follow Carp definitely Andy.
    Dave you are absolutely spot on, I still had headache this morning(Sunday!!)