Thursday, 28 June 2012

Golden Bonefish

I have just finished reading Dom Garnett's Flyfishing for Coarse Fish and this was the inspiration for an evening session chasing Carp. Last night was almost perfect for floater fishing. It was warm, there was no breeze but it was overcast though and I do prefer clear skies and sun, it makes spotting the Carp a bit easier.
I have treated myself to a new fly rod, 9 weight, 9 foot and that is now coupled with a large arbor reel and floating line. I figured this kit would be perfect for Pike, Carp, Bass and the bigger fish my other rod, a 5 weight, would not be able to deal with.
Local to me is Stubbs pool, a small water that is not stocked, in fact most of it's old stock went into the river or died in the 2007 flood but there are a few hardy Carp that did survive. They have a home full of natural bait so it is not an easy place to catch fish, it has few features and steep banks. When I arrived there were two other anglers set up, both in my first choice swims so I headed down to the shallow end.

There were fish in front of me but I could not get them competing with any great vigour. The rod cast brilliantly though so my confidence in that grew and when one of the other anglers left just before dusk I knew I had to move. I was now on fish and they fed well. The light was fading and I could barely see the fly when I finally got a take, it was so fast I just wasn't ready, the rod hooped over, I started to give it some back but it ploughed into the weeds. The hook pulled and the Carp was gone.  Someone recently described a Carp as a golden Bonefish? and this one certainly had the speed of one (I think-I've never hooked a bonefish!) I had no more takes before it became too dark to see but I am itching to try again. My first Carp session for 18 months, one lost fish but despite that I still went home happy with the success I had had. My first Carp hooked on a fly, it was fun.
Going back to the book, I would recommend it highly. It is well written, easy to read, full of information and great photos. I think some of the chapters are stretching it however-Tench on the fly, come off it Dom!! It has got me thinking and added another dimension to my fishing.


  1. I bought this book joe after hearing the chap on fishermans blues . Its a great book and very informative .When i have some free money i intend to purchase a cheap fly rod and reel and try fishing for chub and dace or perch with it .

    I may bend your ear for some advice as well mate as I know you enjoy chucking the fluff.....

    Not sure about barbel on a fly though that sounds a challenge and a half !!!!

  2. I bought some cheap fly gear a few weeks ago, but it hasn't had an outing yet. It sounds like I should buy Dom's book now. I've read some of his articles recently and was intrigued, but it was a chance conversation with Barry the Fly a few weeks ago at Ryton that finally convinced me to buy a cheap outfit.

  3. Some great stuff on here.
    Look for posts by "Skateboard Dave". Have bought a 7' brook outfit and have got a chap tying me up some chub/perch flies as we speak!

  4. Golden Bonefish are very shinny. when the fish moves in front of us. It looks like light is sparkling in yellow color.