Monday, 21 May 2012

PB shaking Bream

Is it spring?

Not exactly a 'Tench fisher's dawn'. The forecast later this week is for warmer weather, about time too. There are a few Tench being caught but it has been a lot slower than previous years. They will probably start feeding strong now, while I am away on holiday! Never mind I am sure the Florida sunshine will more than make up for it!
This weekend I met up with Keith and Andy for an overnighter, they were well established in their swim so I decided on the next peg to be sociable. Not a spot I would ever fish given a choice as I know the weed is at it's most prolific in that bay but there was little else available. We watched the water for a while and fish started rolling all over the place, especially in my intended area, my confidence began to rise. Then a bearded bloke wandered along and started to fish there. I kicked myself for not being quicker out of the blocks.
He did not have a lot of gear with him so I wandered over to see how long he was staying, only a couple of hours came the reply, great I'll have the swim when he goes. Nothing else to do but have a couple of sociable beers with Keith and Andy. The fish continued to roll, all over the place. Curiosity got the better of me and I went for a chat with the chap in 'my?' swim to see how he was getting on. Unbelievable, he said I could cast a couple of rods by his. Wow, I don't think I have met a nicer angler yet! Two feeders went out with my usual chopped worms filling them and we chatted away, I repaid his kindness with cold beer.
The evening rolled by without incident, my new best friend(Daniel) went home and I retired fishless and slightly merry. Keith woke me at 5.00am to tell me the fish were still rolling in front of me and that I was sh*t if I blanked, thanks mate-no pressure then! I was getting twitches, bleeps and line bites aplenty but no proper bites until about 6.30am when the bobbin slowly rose to the rod and stayed there. The fight was dull, a few tail kicks to remind me the fish was on but not a lot else. I concluded that it was either a Bream or a Tench not fighting because it was wrapped in weed then I saw the head of a Bream and it looked big. It played up a bit when it saw the net but it was too late. I shouted to Keith that I had caught a Bream and he replied 'how big?', 'dustbin lid' I said and around he and Andy came. My previous pb was 10lb 10oz and I guessed this was an 'eleven'. Keith hoisted the scales, gave them a shake, then another shake and then yet another, I knew it must be close.
10lb 9oz
An ounce short of my pb but I was still very happy to have another good double. They fight crap but I think they are stunning old creatures.
Later that morning I had another about half the size, a few unhittable twitches and then ran out of time. As the lake started to warm up, the Tench came on the feed and Keith was getting amongst them as I left, I knew he was in for a good session.
Jealously my chair stealing fishing buddy and I went home.


  1. Lovely old fish Joe .....

    And a dog seat warmer to boot....

    Baz peck

  2. Nice fish Joe, nice to see a big old Bream.