Sunday, 19 February 2012

Start 'em young

I have been undecided all week as to what species to fish for this weekend but a sudden drop in overnight temperature made my mind up for me, it had to be Chub again. When there is a frost on the ground they are the most reliable for getting a bite and they didn't let me down.
I ventured out bright and early to the same stretch as last week. Last week I roved around fishing several different swims but I only caught in one. This week I headed straight for that spot and settled in for the day. I did not have to wait long before landing a decent Chub of about 4lb, first cast.
Cheese paste works quickly if the fish are in the swim. Normally I use Cheddar and Danish Blue but the shop only had Stilton. Obviously it makes no difference, in fact it is probably better.
The bites kept coming steadily throughout the morning and I finished the session with seven fish in total, a combined weight of well over 20lb.
My Wife, Daughter and Son had a walk along the river around lunchtime to feed the ducks and see how I was getting on. They were suitably impressed with my catch, especially Max (well he is only 2 years old). He has seen fish before but only Trout so he loved seeing a netful of Chub and insisted on holding one for the camera. In the interest of fish welfare I helped out.

Maisie was not so keen and she stayed well back.
 There is no doubt that Max is going to follow in his Dad's footsteps and come the summer we'll venture out to catch him that memorable first fish. I remember mine, a Tommy Ruffe from the Derwent in Yorkshire, more years ago that I care to admit to.


  1. Always like to see the younger generation being helped into the world of fishing Joe, Well done mate and very well done on your catch that cheese works a treat,

  2. Love the mini snow boots. The fish looks less worried than he does though, must look like a monster through a kids eyes. I think those silver bream of yours might be a good fish to get going with! Less fearsome.

    1. I agree Jeff, my plan is to start him off on the Silver Bream lake and see what he gets first, Roach, Perch or I bet he beats my paltry Silver Bream pb first chuck!

    2. You're welcome to bring him along to beat your pb round my way when they appear up the canal round my way in the next few months, Joe

  3. Hiya Joe
    Nice brace of chub, talking of the younger generation, im hoping to involve my nephew who is 7 this year into the art of angling. Been a fan of your blog for months, thanks for being the first to join mine, I appreciate that. The sessions I described were just down the road from you on BAA waters. I went Barbelling today on the Wye with a little more success, ill update tomorrow.

  4. Lovely photos Joe. Let's hope the boy follows in your footsteps.

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