Saturday, 28 May 2011

Getting closer to a double. Tench, Hardwick

The insect life is all emerging showing us that summer is on it's way and the fish will soon be spawning and my opportunity for a ten pound Tench will have all but disappeared. Normally my enthusiasm for fishing for the same species week after week would have waned long ago but capturing a double figure Tench has become an obsession.
This weeks session I got closer but still no cigar. Cockney Steve and I headed back to the Linear complex for an overnighter on Hardwick. I landed 15 Tench in total, five over nine pound up to a biggest of 9lb 6oz. Steve had a nightmare with dropped runs, straightened hooks, weeded fish and snapped hook lengths. He gave up smoking this week and I think the fish were trying to test his resolve!
He did manage a pair though, weighing 7lb 11oz, both of them.
9lb 2oz
9lb 1oz
9lb 4oz
9lb 3oz
9lb 6oz
The last fish especially had the capacity to grow much bigger and therefore become a monster among Tench.
Next week I am landing that double. 


  1. Thats awesome fishing Joe, there cant be many places with that quality of tench in those numbers i just wish it was a bit closer to me!! My local Tench water has completely switched off!

  2. What a haul. A double's got got come soon mate.

  3. Joe, tremendous. Nuff said.

  4. Enormous Tenches, I hope these sizes also swim in Holland.