Monday, 27 December 2010

Blank, Warks Avon.

It is a tradition of mine to fish Boxing day and this year I was determined to give it a go. I have stopped looking at the temperature and I am fed up with people telling me 'oooh, its minus 8 now and will be minus 33 later' etc. I put on all the thermals I have plus three pairs of trousers and goodness knows how many fleeces, I lost count at 6.
On arriving at the car park I made the first tire tracks in the snow so no one has been as stupid as me for at least a week. Apart from the dog walkers.

I checked out the river and downstream was frozen over as far as the eye could see. Upstream looked ok but laziness got the better of me and I chose the nearest peg.

I figured I had two hopes, Chub and Pike so I put out a rod for each. Cheese Paste on one and dead bait on the other. I felt confident but three and a bit hours later my flask ran dry, the rods had not moved and the cold started to penetrate my third and final sock. Time to head back to the roaring fire and Tomato soup. Heinz of course. Still at least I had given it a go.

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  1. Well done for getting out Joe. Love the photo at the top of the Blog.