Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bloody Spaniel

The river has looked stunning of late. The consistent sporadic rain showers have meant that there is always a tinge of colour to the water, perfect for Barbel but they have been conspicuous by their absence (for me anyway).
Another evening session spent being pestered by Chub and not big ones which would make a nice distraction.
Did hook something quite large at one point though. With the hook baited with pellet and paste I proceeded to fill the feeder with ground bait when suddenly the feeder ripped out of my hand. The bloody spaniel had only gone and walloped down the baited hook and when she felt the sharp bit she shot off down the bank. I shouted, she cowered and then I had the lovely task of forcing open her mouth to remove the hook from her tongue. No harm done thankfully but she won't do it again in a hurry!

Late on I did manage one of the target species weighing just over five pounds. Bigger than my last one but still not quite at the size we desire. Put up a good fight in the fast water though.


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