Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Update- Things can only get better!

It's been a tough few weeks. A few short evening sessions when I could find the time and it even took a week of the rivers being open before I could tread their banks.
An evening session hoping for a Crucian resulted in plenty of fish, all the wrong variety of Carp though. It would be great to find a decent fishery holding a stock of those gold nuggets locally but alas I feel it might be a pipe dream.

My usual spot for a bit of floater fishing (above) became festooned with weed earlier than usual in the year and it became impossible to chase those hard fighting fish so I had to give up my close season campaign early.

I snuck out for an evening Tench fishing but in conditions more akin to Winter than Spring. Tazzy and I got a royal soaking and went home with our tails between our legs, cold, wet and fishless.

And so finally I managed to get onto the river in perfect conditions, a lovely evening and a hint of colour in the water. I fancied the Barbel would be out to play.

Our old friend the car was still parked in it's spot, deteriorating badly as the weeks tick by. I can't see it ever being towed away.

 The fishing was good, lots of activity, plenty of bites but sadly not from Barbel but instead a succession of Chub after Chub. I couldn't get away from them. I felt sure that if I sat it out the Barbel would arrive soon and eventually one did. One of the smallest ones in the river, probably weighing about three pounds. Still it bolds well for the future. Onwards and upwards!!


  1. I did wonder if the car was there, FFS. You'll be posting a similar picture next year by the looks of it.

  2. nice blog joe :)
    very nice pics.