Monday, 28 December 2015

The Avon and the Car: Update

I half-heartedly cast a line yesterday into a rapidly rising Warwickshire Avon. Thankfully it doesn't look likely to break its banks this time unlike virtually every river in the north of England. My heart goes out to those unfortunate folk who will have a pretty miserable start to 2016.

I didn't expect much action but I wasn't there to empty the place, just an excuse to get out and walk the dog really.

The amount of crap being washed downstream was amazing but made the fishing doubly difficult. On the plus side when the water does recede the river bed will be a lot clearer. 

Car update: It is still there but probably not for much longer if the river keeps rising. Latest word bank-side is that someone lent it to their friend and the chap that abandoned it has not been seen since! It is not fully insured, only third party and the owner hasn't got any money so cannot get it retrieved. Both the police and environment agency were informed over eight weeks ago. The Avon Navigation Trust won't do anything about it but My betting is that will change when it slides into the river and is sat right in the boat lane entrance to the lock.



  1. Madness Joe, really is. So that's 5 litres of engine oil and diesel or petrol about to be dumped in the river with seemingly no one giving a sh*t.

    I looked at the Avon at the lido today, nearly over the banks but some fishable areas so might give it a bash Wednesday, didn't look very fishy mind you. Might have to pay a visit to the cut.

    1. I agree Mick it is madness but nothing will be done as I say until it stops the boaters!! Tight lines Wednesday, think it will be tough going!

  2. Such a shame, really is, let's hope this rain abates and allows everyone to try and clear up, really hope that there's no more about to arrive.

    1. I agree James, off to the Frome tomorrow so hope it is ok down that way