Saturday, 14 March 2015

Season Finale

So that's it then, another fishing season draws to a close. Despite fishing ponds for the last couple of weeks it was compulsory to have one 'last hurrah' on running water today. An end of season Barbel was the target and I started the day in what has been a banker late-on swim for me and thankfully it didn't let me down today, but only just.
Martin and Jeff were to join me mid morning and right on cue just as they arrived  I had my first bite of the day.

Not a monster by ant stretch of the imagination but an immaculate and very welcome fish. A fish that filled us all with confidence for the rest of the day but it transpired to be a false dawn. One Eel was all I could manage over the next couple of hours and with the cold Northerly wind going straight through me I moved to a more sheltered area.
I toyed with the idea of going home to warm up but instead gave one more swim a try and within ten minutes of casting out I played in another small Barbel that had taken a liking to my pellets, warmed me up a bit at least!

That proved to be the end of the action on what turned out to be a tough old day. As far as I know Jeff had blanked but my goodness he looked dapper while doing so....

and Martin had landed a small Chub.....

...not so Dapper, almost tripped over him!!

It was nice to see the local Deer again on the way home.

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