Friday, 2 May 2014

Linear Tench (and Carp)

Not really what you would call a Spring morning!
Following last weekends successful Tench session I had a hankering for more of the same. Linear fisheries, a favourite haunt of mine when chasing Tincas, was the venue. Quite a risk on a bank holiday weekend being as popular as it is but I was relieved to see several vacant swims upon my arrival. I set up in a nice quiet corner on the road bank and within ten minutes of casting out had the first screaming bite of the day. When Tench run it is normally fairly easy to slow them down within about ten yards but this take kept on going and there was little I could do with eight pound line and my barbel rod. There could only be one culprit, a Carp. Eventually I managed to slow it down, gain some line back and within ten minutes there was a pretty little Common laying in the folds of the net.
There are some anglers who would class this fish as a nuisance when targeting Tench but that thought never crossed my mind, catching fish no matter what the species is always a pleasure in my book.

12lb 9oz
It wasn't a shock that there was no further action until mid-morning as I knew the colder overnight temperature would put pay to sport until then and the only sign of life in the swim was a slight drop back on the left hand rod around 10am. I left it well alone thinking there were fish milling around the area and reeling in and risking spooking them would foolish and thankfully ten minutes later a typical stuttering Tench bite led to 'fish on'.
A mostly uneventful battle ensued until I got the fish close in when it proceeded to power around taking the other two lines with it. I managed to net both it and the tangle and was pleased to have a quality female Tench in the bag.

8lb 8oz
Once again worm hook bait had done the trick in fooling an immaculate well proportioned specimen.
Nearly an hour later the same rod signalled another run and similar to the first fish it ran and ran. By the time I managed to gain control it was probably forty yards further away from where I hooked it but unlike the first Carp (by now it was obvious that this fish was a Carp) the fight was much more deliberate and powerful. The nerves started to kick in as I realised this was a large fish and on light tackle with line whistling in the wind, I trod carefully and constantly prayed for the hook to hold. A large tail broke the surface some thirty yards out which didn't help my disposition one iota! Eventually after what seemed like an age I bundled it into the net, let out a sigh of relief and lifted the fish onto the mat.

A stunning chunky Mirror with apple-slice scales weighing 24lb 12oz. My biggest Carp for three years which is not surprising as I don't ever target them. Daft really as I so enjoy catching them!
At that point I could have gone home a happy angler but there was still a chance for some more action. By now the complex was filling up with other fishermen making the most of the three day weekend and spods were flying about all over the place which usually scares the fish off but there was one Tench who remained and he took the middle rod's worm. An uneventful scrap ended with me being victorious.

7lb 1oz
I played with the camera whilst waiting for some more action but that was the lot. A pretty good day's work and I still got home in time for dinner.


  1. See you jamed another big carp chatter's, don't count you know.