Monday, 21 March 2011

Roach, Rudd, Perch and Carp

A day spent tiddler bashing on a spectacular intimate fishery that is full of silver fish, and the odd Carp. It is reputed to hold some good size specimens of Perch, Roach and Rudd and is little known so rarely fished. 
I spent the whole morning fishing flavoured maggots and hemp and built the swim in to a bite a chuck frenzy with only one problem, they we all small and carried no real challenge weight.
Our lad in the next swim was trying worm and while his action was a lot less frantic when he did land a fish it was of a much better quality. I helped him land and unhook a Rudd well over the pound mark and I could ignore it no longer. A change to worm brought about a slow down in bites but I still landed a few. No Rudd but a few nice Roach and some Perch, the biggest weighing 10oz.
I then decided to try the margins in search of it's dad and I thought I had cracked it when the float sailed away and tried to snag me. I managed to turn the unseen adversary and thought I had a record on but soon realised it was a small Common of about 4 or 5lbs.
The end result was a fun day exploring a new venue with about 40/50 fish in the net and a vow to return with a tactical change to land the bigger beasts that reside there.

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  1. Rudd over a pound weight are really hard to find round these parts, it seems. You might have a summer of fun chasing them what with all those tiddlers to plough through first though Joe