Monday, 26 April 2010

Tench, Hardwick, Linear

A red letter day at Hardwick lake on the Linear complex. This collection of day ticket and syndicate lakes was voted the best in the country by a Carp magazine but they offer so much more than that. Many an hour has been spent sat behind motionless alarms waiting for Carp, but refine the tactics and some spectacular sport can be had with the various other species that reside here, and there are some specimens.
There is not many people would do this for you. The first fish of the day went through the other line and then got stuck just out of reach of the landing net so our Nathan threw off his shoes and socks and waded out to land it.
I would have done the same for him, I think. The Tench was safely netted and weighed 7lb 5oz, a good start.

A gradual succession of Tench followed, nine in total up to 8lb 3oz, pictured below.

At about 3pm the bite alarm signaled a screaming run and I assumed another Tench had taken the worm hookbait but the fight died and became sluggish about three rod lengths out. A large Bream came to the surface and I knew my pb for the species at only 6lb 12oz was about to be beaten. 
At 8lb 8oz it was not a big example of the species as there are bigger residents regularly caught from Hardwick but I was pleased non the less.


  1. Great fishing, I am about to fish Hardwick again for Tench. I managed 1 session last season for 1 upper 7lb fish whcih was great.

    Were you fishing far into the lake and over much bait? I ask beacuse I want to have a go on the float for them and take a roving aproach but have a nagging doubt that sitting behind 3 rods and a bed of bait would be more productive.

    Tight lines,


  2. Hi Ed,
    Sorry to take so long to reply but I did not realise anyone had commented!
    When I Tench fish all I do is fish chopped worm in a feeder. No big baited area and no spodding. Usually fish about 30 yards out and the fish will come on to the feeder pretty quickly if you recast every 20 mins or so to begin with.
    Screeching reels