Friday, 26 February 2016

Short Chub Session

The sun was shining and with the river back to its beautiful Winter best, I just had to sneak off for a couple of hours Chubbing. I grabbed some smelly cheese paste from the freezer and headed to a banker swim for Chub. With only two hours at my disposal this was not a session for exploring, just a chance to get a bend in the rod and fix the itch.
The ever faithful Chub didn't let me down. The bites were quite finicky but once I had worked out that I was not going to get big twangs and pulls I managed to hit a few fish. No monsters landed but some good fun in the resplendent Winter sunshine.

Car update: It is still there and is looking pretty sorry for itself, the floods have not done it any favours!!


  1. I was going to ask you about the car, FFS it's still there :( suprised it hasn't been washed away. I've luckily got two sessions planned for the weekend, Chub and cheesepaste on the agenda for the first one, cannot believe how little fishing for them I've done and the season is nearly over.

    1. Me too, I'd have thought the floods would have taken it. A chap went past from the avon navigation trust and said I couldn't park there!-instead of making jokes he should be trying to get it shifted-Pillock!!

  2. Do they expect it to magically disappear or something ? scandalous really isn't it..:(