Monday, 19 September 2011

Tiddler Bashing

Badsey Brook
Take 1:
My brother and I started out the day on the Avon at Barton. We had just nicely got settled in, started catching a few Dace and Perch when a couple of Brummies turned up. "Ow mate we got a mutch on ere tuday". Bugger! My fault, I should have checked the BAA website first but there has been so few matches on the stretch this year I did not bother. So we upped sticks and left. I gave them a parting shot about Barbel in keepnets on the way to the van. They assured me they weighed them in as and when they were caught, Bollox. 
Take 2:
My mate Cockney Steve has been going on about a Mr Crabtree-esque little waterway called Badsey brook, where he goes for livebait but has been catching some Dace that are too big to use so we headed there. At the moment the best swims are choked with weed but give it a frost and a decent run through of rain and I reckon we could be on a winner.
 I dropped some maggots in the best swim I could find and within seconds I struck into the closest I have ever come to a British record. I have never weighed a Gudgeon before but this one went on the scales as it was way bigger than any of it's predecessors. Three and a half Ounces!
My brother thought I was mad but never mind. I struggled after that but did manage a four once Dace, points on the board. 

Take 3:
After an hour or so of no action we decided to move to our third venue, Willow Farm and try to better our Silver Bream efforts. We caught them but small ones, along with Roach, F1s, Goldfish, Tench and Perch. Best of that lot was a Perch well over a pound but we decided not to put it through the photo trauma. 


  1. isn't catching livebait from your brook to use on other waters illegal

  2. It would be Ian but this is a tributary of the Avon so that is perfectly legal.

  3. Those gudgion are one of the best Pike baits ever, Not that you would use a record fish for bait, Well done on your catch though Joe,

  4. Chub to 5 pound trout to 3 pound perch and roach to over a pound and some dirty black eels to be had in this stretch too in fact I've caught most from that spot in your picture more than just a riddler stream trust me produces some very good fish