Friday, 29 January 2010

Pike, Warks Avon

Do not be misled by this sunny, warm looking photo. A northerly wind made for a pretty uncomfortable session chasing Pike. This backwater on the Warwickshire Avon is a real hotspot for old Esox and yet again it did not disappoint. A 6lb 12oz fish took a Lamprey section first cast and led me to believe I was in for a bumper day. Fishing is never that straight forward though and four hours and one missed run later, I could feel the cold gusts going straight through my five jumpers.
I was just considering calling it a day when the Roach dead bait attracted a bite. I struck into thin air but my enthusiasm was renewed. Same Roach cast to the same spot and within minutes it was off again. This time there was no mistake and the rod thumped over with a fish on. A spirited fight and she was in the net. A 15lb 11oz immaculate specimen.
One more run and the hook pulled so I quit while I was ahead and went home to warm up.

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