Friday, 3 April 2015

Always Have Some Floaters

My intention was to fish for Perch but when I saw a whole load of Carp milling about the surface layers I couldn't resist a bit of floater fishing. I always keep a bucketful of flavoured dog mixers permanently in the back of the van for such occasions. Catching Carp off the top is high on the list of my favourite ways of fishing. It is visually thrilling seeing the fish slurp the hook bait, the split second delay before striking and then all hell breaking loose. There isn't much more exciting than that.

It didn't take long for a few of the Carp to notice the free food on offer and I kept a steady flow going in to build up their confidence while playing with the camera. A rogue garden pond pet even got in on the action but its eyesight wasn't too good, it amusingly balanced a biscuit on its nose better than my dog can!

There are no monsters in this pond but that isn't the point. I had a couple of hours spare and fancied a bit of fun and thankfully the fish were obliging. I like to keep my floater fishing simple, no glue or bands, either an imitation fly or a whittled down pop-up does the trick every time, size twelve hook, rig complete.

A brace of Carp were landed, biggest was probably a scraper double that gave me a proper battle on the light tackle I was using.