Friday, 25 October 2013


The river looked perfect for a Barbel, about a foot up with a touch of colour. The forecast rain had not materialised and the sun shone all day. I didn't see it until mid-afternoon though as the previous nights over-indulgence meant I needed some extra sleep.
My excessive lethargy also meant that I could not be bothered with trotting instead choosing to sit behind a pair of static rods and wait.
Bait was the usual Spam but this time a flavoured variety. The plain stuff works really well but the fish do seem to like a bit of Garlic with their snack.
It was a quiet session but I avoided a blank with an Eel which I photographed and unhooked in the water, doing my bit for their conservation.
I didn't have the energy to sit out long and went home early for some more tablets. It definitely takes longer to recover the older I get!!


  1. Watch out for the tin on the bank police....nice spot there

    1. It's, ok, it's in my recycle bin now, plus the beer cans and rubbish left by the arseholes that also fish there!!