Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gravel Pit Piking

Beyond the fence is the field where on an August bank holiday weekend there will be hundreds of anglers milling about the fishing stalls trying to pick up a bargain or two. At the moment it is under about seven feet of dirty floodwater. 
This morning I headed off to Linear to attempt to catch a gravel pit Pike, something I have never done before (by design). Three years ago I landed a Pike out of St Johns lake on a boilie! This time I took dead baits.
The forecast rain was not due until late morning so at least I could set up in the dry. Oxfordshire has not managed to avoid the rain therefore the banks were sodden and the pegs were actually in danger of disappearing under water.
I put three rods out, two in the margins to either side and the other straight out beyond the weed line. To say it was quiet was an understatement, not even a bleep, and then mid morning the rain started. 
And it did not let up. The rods continued in silence so to alleviate the boredom I played around with the camera.
I took photos of the rain on top of the brolly...

the rain from under the brolly....

and anything that flew by.

Around lunch time the bailiff came to inform me they were closing the whole complex at 3pm as a precaution for the flooding, I think it was unnecessary but I had had enough so didn't mind.


  1. Are there any Pike stillwaters closer to us? I was only thinking about a pit piking when your post appeared. Never ventured to Cotswold Water Park, you fished there much?

    1. Not really and never fished Cotswold Water Park but would like to. I think Bishops Bowl is probably the closest to us that contains Pike but I have only ever had them out of the river.

  2. Well, if you ever fancy a trip give me a shout. Haven't fished Bishops in over a decade and it was all about Tench then.