Friday, 18 February 2011

Pike, Warks Avon

The fall in temperature put me off having another Barbel session so I dug out some old dead baits and went predator fishing. The low light levels made me hopeful of a Zander but at the end of a quiet session I was grateful not to endure a blank. This 10lb 14oz Pike put up a cracking battle mostly on the surface, angry head shaking and aggressive runs. No other bites all day so I headed back to my ridiculous fishing vehicle and managed to get a treble snagged in the passenger seat. Need to get a new motor out soon, anyone want to buy a hairdresser's car?


  1. Joe, I need my quarterly hairdo done around mid March - the 12th, or 13th even.

    Can I get an appointment?

  2. So thats what a pike looks like then .....thanks for showing me Joe as I seem to be a pike deterant.

    Also do you ever catch anything small??

    All the best old chap

  3. Joe, some nice fish on here matey, keep up the blogging this is good stuff.

  4. Joe, Do you think I should leave it long around the back or does it not complement my bone structure.

    Also, any good product reocommendations?

    How TF do you get your gear into that drift monster? Fishing in the snow must be fun.


  5. Guys guys I am not a hairdresser, I just drive a car that could make me look like one. Please stop trying to book appointments with me, asking me about 'dos and I have no idea about hair products, I wear a hat as much as possible. Butch vehicle on the way!
    Thanks for your comments Dave and Bazal, much appreciated.