Saturday, 15 January 2011

Double Blank, Avon and Willow

We all have days when the fish do not play ball and today was not cricket. I am lucky that my journey to work every day takes me over the Avon which means I can keep an eye on it's levels and fluctuations. All week I have been watching it rise and rise until it finally peaked sometime yesterday evening. The recent rise in temperatures coupled with a slightly falling river meant I set off this morning with confidence. Three hours without a bite except false ones from the flow and debris flying down the river zapped it. The gale force winds did not help either.
An afternoon change of venue and tactics did not produce a change of fortune. Willow farm fishery with worms for Roach was the plan B and at least a couple of bites were forthcoming but they were tentative and lightning fast and ultimately unhittable. The fact that the fish had been under six weeks worth of ice until only a day ago is my reasoning for another failure.
Never mind there is always next week.

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