Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chub, Warks Avon

A first fishing session for what seems like an eternity but in fact is probably only three weeks and it was a tough one. Two bites in four hours resulting in just the one fish, this 3lb 15oz Chub. The dramatic fall in temperature is probably to blame for the slow sport and due to the cold I decided to target Chub with cheesepaste. I had intended to start early and get a full day in but that was scuppered by the fact that our pool team won 7-2 the night before and I went on to celebrate that fact a bit too hard.
It was nearly midday when I made it to the river and the fish was landed just after 4.00pm. I was really beginning to feel the cold and my hang over was still lingering hence I could not even raise a smile. Saved the blank though and I went straight home afterwards.